Natassja Kwas

Niatassja Kwas is a life coach and fitness insperation out of  Portugal - Algarve and now Switzerland.Known for her journey in weightloss and motivating perspective, she has been inspiring women all over the world to accept and better themselves in a natural and holistic way. 


 She was born on January 2nd 1990 and grew up with her parents all around the globe , Natassja struggled with body image at a very young age and knows first hand what its like to be bullied and teased for being overweight. Upon graduating high school, she vowed to herself that she would do everything possible to change her body image and the way that she felt about herself. She began training and adopted a positive lifestyle change and to this day, Natassja maintains her body with those same changes that she made years ago. 


When Natassja was 22, a friend asked her to model for her  photography portfolio and soon there after, she began shooting  for local photographers . Modeling became an outlet  for Natassja to channel all of  the feelings of her self conscious past into a positive and empowering experience.


She has built and maintains her following by staying relatable and humble which she portrays through her image and constant contact with her clients


. She hopes that her journey and message will inspire people to follow their dreams, meet their goals, and break the stereotypes that society places on us. 


 Natassja began her umbrella company Natural Structure where she  helps educate women on the importance of nutrition and fitness as well as the need for self acceptance and motivation.